How to Sell SEO Services

  • You want to sell SEO services, but you don’t know how. The competition is tough and selling SEO services to local businesses means finding ways to stand out. Here are some of the best ways to do so.

Find a Niche

  • It is important that you find a niche. When customers see that you really understand their industry, they are more likely to trust you. It will also be easier for you to leverage your expertise in your favor and to know where the money is. It wouldn’t make sense to offer all your services if it is a niche where people cannot afford to pay you. To find your niche, assess your current customers. If most of them are from one industry, you should pursue that particular niche as long as there’s enough demand. It is also important to determine which markets require local SEO and online marketing.

Brand Yourself

  • People need to know you in order for them to find, trust and recommend you. This means doing a good amount of groundwork that establishes your expertise in a certain industry or subject. You need to create a solid presence online and offline. To do so, you should establish your own social media and website following. This means having an active presence on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. Post regular updates and respond to your clients frequently.

  • You should also try to become a thought leader or someone who makes widely shared content. This can boost your customer inflow and slowly get you to the point where you are regularly getting a few customers every week. Provide useful content every week. It should help local businesses maximize the results of their marketing efforts. You can also post easy to understand content on forums and industry blogs. Participating in social events, business gatherings and local chamber of commerce will help develop bonding and trust.

Lead Generation

  • If you want to sell SEO services, you need to generate leads. Lead generation requires you to get as many high quality leads as possible. One of the most common sources of leads is cold calls. It is actually the most commonly used lead generation. It doesn’t work for everyone. The secret to cold calling is having a proper script, quick discussion with a real consultant and volume. If you are afraid of rejection, you should avoid cold calling.

  • You can also try the conventional approach. Many people are spending their time online, but it doesn’t mean that they won’t appreciate a piece of paper given to them. Flyers, ads on newspaper sites and online directories, TV ads, radio ads and newspaper ads are some of best ways to reach customers and generate more leads.

  • Direct mail campaign still works, but make sure to personalize the message a little bit.  Tell people something they don’t have any idea about. Of course, you should also ensure that your name is visible to potential customers. You can improve your online presence by posting on SMB forums and optimizing your website. Each of these methods has their own benefits and downsides. Try them to determine what best suits your needs.